Some Types of emotions (A to D)

NB Please modify as you see fit as the list is incomplete. Many of the emotions described below have evolved over time; with some meaning changing significantly. The table focuses on the current situation:

Alphabet Name (source*i) Definition (including links) Impacts & Examples*ii
A Abhimna (India)



self-pride; wounded dignity, repiteful retaliation with overtones of pettiness; linked with pride, humiliation, resentment, etc breaking the unspoken contracts of love and respect between families and our lives is an extremely serious betrayal
  Acedia (Egypt)



short-lived but disastrous emotional crisis; its first signs are listlessness, malaise, inertia and irritability that can turn into desolation and despair; linked with melancholia, depression, anxiety, etc caused by isolated living*iii
  Amae (Japan)



urge to be cuddled and comforted by a loved one; takes another person's love for granted with no obligation for returning the favour; it's the glue that holds relationships together, ie temporary surrender in perfect safety; linked with gratitude, comfort, vulnerability, etc stresses group dependency over individualism
  Ambiguphobia feeling uncomfortable about leaving things open to interpretation; linked with paranoia, etc not completing a task



  Anger it includes simmering resentment and fits of pique, tantrums caused by exasperation and sudden flares of rage that can lead to violence; a fit of brief insanity; it can motivate us to try harder; it can create a release of muscular tension and temporarily subduing other uncomfortable emotions like fear, feelings of unworthiness, etc; helps manage guilty feelings; linked with indignation, etc strong, negative facial expressions like eyes blaze and glitter, cheeks flush, lips quiver, muscles well, filled with a purge to destroy something, hair stands on end
  Anticipation expectation of what could happen (positive or negative); looking forward to an event, activity, etc; linked with delight, etc a celebration like a birthday, a promotion, etc
  Anxiety does not necessarily have a defined cause; turning ordinary problems into visions of disaster; fearing the worst; inhibits performance; regarded as a pointless episode and something to overcome and certainly not savour; it is not for successful or happy people; precursor to depression; around 12 conditions of anxiety; linked with anguish about the present and dread about the future; linked with angst, uncertainty, worry, collywobbles, etc stomach churns and throat tightens, the eyes twitch and the mine zigzags across endless possibilities; makes us fidgety and breathless



  Apathy loss of feeling; glorious indolence; reasonable response to rejection and stress; need to learn to handle emotions like anger and jealousy so that act in just a rational manner; consciously control the involuntary mental jolts like hair raising on the back of the neck or electric shock when eyes meet; linked with a sense of defeat; paralysis and listlessness occur when people think problems are other people's responsibility; linked with stoicism, etc 'bystander apathy' or 'bystander effect' where vacuous indifference happens and people feel overwhelmed;



  L'Appel Du Vide (France)



not being able to trust one's own instincts plus the fear that our impish irrational impulses are capable of leading us astray fear of heights can be less about concern with falling and more about the thought of jumping



  Awumbuk (PNG)



the emptiness after a visitor departs; a feeling of inertia, exhaustion and flatness when somebody leaves feeling of heaviness and sorrow when guest(s) depart(s)



Bafflement too many disorderly-arranged options available can leave you feeling befuddled, overwhelmed, frustrated, exasperated, angry, impatient, disgusted, exhausted, etc; precipitates a feeling of existential angst about the random purposelessness of things too many choices or alternatives to choose from







sudden desire to kiss someone; kissing causes a chemical reaction in the brain that releases the 'loving hormone' oxytocin, ie feelings of affection and attachment in some cultures like French, kissing is a form of greeting



  Befuddlement nebuchaotic sensation experienced around obscure words, incomplete lists, etc; extreme confusion using confusing, glib and misleading words or statements



  Bewilderment mess is not always an obstacle, it can be a creative disorientation, ie discover new ideas, something of value, make connections, possibilities, etc when you de-clutter and reorganise, ie bring clarity by asking questions like 'Who am I?' & 'What does it mean?';  
  Boredom combination of feeling trapped, inert and disinterested; there is a vague sense of wanting something to change; can lead to unsavoury health implications like drug abuse, obesity, etc; on the positive side, it can encourage invention and imagination attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has created people who are neurologically prone to boredom, ie their lower dopamine levels lead them to become restless, fidgety and easily distracted.



  Broodiness a women's feeling maternal desire for a(nother) baby, ie baby lust; a powerful emotional motivation for a decision to reproduce and create a sense of 'something missing'; can be linked with hopefulness for the future of love, worry about being left behind as friends' families blossom, desire for promised joy, sadness that it might not happen link to a heightened sex drive and depressive state like sorrow, guilt, isolation, anger, etc









able to control your emotion, ie natural reaction to events; when anxiety sends shocks between the eyes, or fear thuds in the chest or love is so rapturous you fear that you are losing your footing, we need time to think, ie conjure calm at the opportune moment we might count to 10, or bite our lips, or tell ourselves this too shall pass; use of chemical restraints and neurotechnology have replaced lobotomy



feeling free is blissful and audacious; other matters are not important; obligations float away; there is the sensation of lightness, of daring; chance of adventure; sometimes rebellious meditation; mindfulness; be in the moment, ie ignore the petty distractions of daily life






surface acting, ie managing, usually fake, facial expressions and gestures to display feelings of enthusiasm and delight; emotional labour (staff are explicitly directed to control their own feelings in order to influence those of others); linked with upbeat, optimistic, can-do attitude that involves concepts of self-sufficiency, consumerism and materialism; maintaining fake cheerfulness has a negative impact on health and well-being like dissatisfaction, exhaustion and alienation Industrial Relations Department's role to promote cheerfulness, ie optimism and a can-do attitude; maintain beaming smiles and infectious enthusiasm, irrespective how you feel



the risk of suffocation - not just physical, can be social, eg a relationship relationships, situations



feeling of anxiety and unease in the pit of the stomach, giving an oily, lurching sensation; gut wrenching; emotional systems of the brain, heart and gut are linked; linked with anxiety, stress, etc when in an unexpected, uncertain situation






importance of tactile contact; need for transitional objects and comfort; addictions artefacts, symbols, logos, rituals, prayers, etc to serve ourselves in times of distress or worry to provide a temporary retreat



sensing another person is suffering; supporting and sustaining people so that they can find their own strength; urge to alleviate pain; desired to console; can increase vulnerability; this can be linked with hesitation or feeling that you are being used or taken advantage of; need to be careful of 'compassion fatigue', eg becoming numb and helpless; can generate a feeling of well-being and contentment; need to ensure that you take care of yourself, first compassionate acts of giving, eg visiting somebody in hospital, aged care; donating to charities, etc






feel more optimistic about your own abilities, ie believing in yourself; suspicion that confidence is beyond our control; act on instinct; 'fake it until you make it', ie confidence is a reasonable substitute for competence; if overdone it can result in more self-doubt, ie pretending to be the person we are not; can reduce the desire for self-improvement self-help groups






inflates a sense of superiority, including derision or disgust or amused detachment; defies the tradition of treating all people, irrespective of their social position or background, with respect and dignity; linked with scorn and ridicule; laughing at the face of convention in the hope of shifting consciousness, etc smirking, sneering, yawning, peering down our noses or turning away in cold indifference



requires physical (stamina & resilience) and/or emotional/psychological fortitude; linked with love and bravery; linked with prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude, ie acting with integrity and taking responsibility for one's actions; treating all endeavours with sincerity and importance; put yourself in harm's way and/or risk social exclusion; self-sacrifice speak out against injustice and/or stand up for your beliefs when threatened by oppression; having the courage of your convictions






the desire to find out more; it is a key to our evolutionary success; drives intellectual progress; linked with imagination, creativity invention, etc threatens the status quo; gave rise to the scientific method, ie collecting, cataloguing and investigating; natural curiosity is linked with gossip, ie allows ideas to travel and enhances a sense of community



  Cyberchondria anxiety caused by the over-use of the Internet overuse of social media



Delight feeling of spiritual release and pure sensory presence; similar to rapture; shimmering seduction; the feel-good hormones are secreted the hands clap, the eyes sparkle and lips tingle into a smile



  Depaysement (France) feeling of being an outsider; this can lead to frustration and even paranoia often experienced when first join an organisation, team, group, etc as an outsider



  Desire a temporary state which can quickly dissolve into satiety; with the forbidden, be denied, glistening just out of reach, ie an obsessive need; it is easy to lose yourself in it; the way craving or coveting for something can dominate us; it is more than a biological instinct, as it follows circuitous routes through imagination; frustration, disappointment and shame can be linked with it in a culture absorbed by the idea of self-actualisation, the idea of following heartfelt intentions presented as energising and important



  Despair deep sorrow; losing hope; linked with malaise, etc when things go wrong and are generally out of our control
  Disappear sensation of being outside everything deliberately miss something important like a meeting, schedule, timeline, etc
  Disappointment feeling of loss or defeat that can be overwhelming; need to reshape, re-start, reinvent, etc; can be the basis of healthy mental development, ie a reality check when beliefs, processes, systems, routines, habits, etc suddenly change



  Disgruntlement habitual dissatisfaction illustrated by complaining, whining, etc; feel insecure resulting from a perceived professional set-back or unmet expectations disgruntled insiders steal IP and spread misinformation; can be handled by foster a sense of belonging and a sense of ownership over their work; improve screening to prevent hiring unsuitable employees



  Disgust revolting feeling; linked with aversions and revulsion there are 3 types:

i) core (felt when something is poisonous like rotten flesh or faeces; makes you recoil)

ii) contamination (the people or places that threaten infection, ie threat of contamination)

iii) cultural interference (our responses depend upon context, ie what we find acceptable or otherwise is determined by context)

  Dismay feeling of horror and paralysis plus disappointment and helplessness; linked with distress, remorse, etc when things don't turn out as expected or hoped



  Dolce Far Niente (Italy) the pleasure, or sweetness, of doing nothing; idleness doing things that make you feel happy and are generally effortless, like relaxing on a holiday
  Dread it is the cold unease felt in the approaching shadow of a threat that you have no, or very little, control over; linked with defeatism, apathy, helplessness, etc the Covid 19 pandemic (starting 2020)



    (sources: Tiffany Watt Smith, 2015 & Wikipedia)  


i) mentioned source(s) if non-English-speaking countries

ii) suggest that you complete this column with your own examples

iii) explained in more detail elsewhere in the knowledge base


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