Organisational Change Management Volume 1

Framework 9 Minority Influence Theory

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(a few committed people with a clear, persuasive, powerful vision to change things)

Strategic Elements

Clear vision of benefits

Small team of colleagues who think the same way

Clear & consistent message

Obtain support from people in power

Seek & listen to views of others

Repeat, repeat, repeat message (like a drop of water on the stone)

Persistence with any obstacles

Empower people

Create conflict

A series of steps and questions to effectively implement change:

What one area or practice or approach within your organisation do you wish, ideally, you could change? Describe your vision of this change in a sentence or two.

Who else could you inspire to work with you to bring about this change?

Identify a small team of committed colleagues who would join you and support each other in the change process.

What would be the 3 main elements of the message you would want to send out to others in the organisation to persuade them of the value of the change?

What powerful others in your organisation might be persuaded to support your vision?

How could you most effectively get your message repeatedly heard by people within the organisation to ensure that the process of educating and persuading them is ongoing and maintained?

How could you arrange to get to hear the views of others in the organisation in relation to the issues you are addressing?

What obstacles are you most likely to meet, and using your creative inspiration, how might you overcome and avoid them?

How could you encourage the participation of all those in the organisation likely to be affected by the change - how can you meet with them, share information and encourage them to become involved in effectively managing the change process?

How can you best prepare yourself to cope with conflict and unpopularity?

In a year's time or 5 years' time, what do you hope to have achieved in relation to the change?

(source: David West, 1996)


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