An Example of Female Success in a Male Dominated Industry

Formula One racing is a male-dominated industry.

One female story (Ann Neal - Manager of Formula One driver, Mark Webber, for 20 years) shows how the mould can be broken. The lessons she learnt include

- make the most of opportunities

- have a comprehensive knowledge of the business/industry

- perform to gain respect

- develop relationships and networks at all levels

- know your strengths and weaknesses so that you know things you can do, cannot do, or don't want to do, etc

- keep a distance from the 'blokey culture'

- work with people in your team who have complimentary talents that cover your weaknesses

- be confident

- don't allow yourself to be intimidated (have a 'thick skin')

- know when to stand your ground

- be willing to ask questions

- smile

NB Formula One is about the 3 Ps

i) passion (clarity of purpose - understanding why something is important and what its role is)

ii) people (how can they contribute most effectively)

iii) perseverance (never give up)
"...I lead with my heart, then my head and then my hands..."

Laura Anderson (Board member of Australian Grand Prix Corporation) as quoted by Jacqui Hayes, 2016


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