Brain and Reality

There is some evidence (SBS, 2021a) that the brain can create its own reality, eg see the world as it wants to set rather than as it is. This is based on the stories, images, etc  that are already ingrained in the brain. It has a preference for selecting the ones that it is familiar with rather than something new - even if the new is the correct version.

The brain will filter things, ie it is filtering reality based on its own rule and creates its own stories. It can construct things that are not really there. Part of this problem could be linked to your eyes taking in a 2D picture and the brain then converting this to 3-D!!!!

Furthermore, it is claimed that our brain is about survival, ie reproducing, not being eaten, etc, and not reality nor truth.

Reality, like memory, is subjective, not objective, ie it is how we perceive it. We can create new memories that are false. In the brain the hippocampus is where memories are formed and stored. New memories also tend to fuse with old memories and this can create a new false memory. It can be claimed that our brains are wired to lie, ie the brain does not believe the reality around you.

The notion of truth at the quantum level, ie matter and its properties which can be separated, is very different from that of the human level.


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