FCORE (another way to explore high organisational performance)


F = Free of blame culture (rewarded, not punished, for admitting to making a mistake, error, etc; failure is a learning experience, ie analyse every failure, etc in depth and without blame)

C = Complex and unpredictable world environment (despite everyone's best efforts, mistakes, errors, disasters, accidents, catastrophes, etc can happen, ie the unexpected can happen at any time; don't pretend to know everything)

O = Operations focus (need to understand what is really happening, especially departures from the 'norm'; when the unexpected happens, start of immediate analysis; involve operational staff in strategic decisions)

R = Resilience (practice robustness and flexibility; organisations are able to bounce back quickly)

E = Expertise more important than rank (during analysis and decision-making, expertise is recognised, irrespective of the hierarchical structure; based on expertise, you are authorised and expected to provide input; people listen)

NB These are more aspirational than goals

(source: Bob Dick, 2021 - http://www.aral.com.au/)


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