Mother Role in Leadership

Every leader has a mother, in one form or another.

"...your mother - with all her love, mistakes, etc - made you the leader you are today.........every person's leadership style was developed when they were toddlers, in response to the mother..."

Margot Faraci, 2016

The Jesuits state that give me a child until 7 and I will give you the man (or women).

Some concepts and techniques learnt at an early age are

- building trust, eg how to handle losing or betrayal of a friendship

- teamwork, eg how to play with others

- resilience, eg how to handle when not selected for an activity that one is interested in

- strategic thinking (including motivation and persuasion), eg how to convince your mother to give or buy you something, like an ice cream

Mothers are like executive coaches.

Some successful male leaders can be still dominated by their mother's wishes and wants, eg Rupert Murdoch. 


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