Positivity ratio

It has important implications within the organisation, ie it can facilitate constructive conversations about performance and other issues.

"...when people experience positive feelings at work they interact more positively with others. When people experience positive interactions with others at work they feel more positive. Positive feelings and positive interactions enhance each other and improve......performance..."

Bob Dick, 2021b

When negativity is greater than positivity, it can harm individual well-being including relationships and performance. As positivity increases and negativity decreases, relationships and performance improve. However, if there is very excessive positivity, there is more chance of groupthink and less useful dissent, which can be harmful to relationships and performance.

Ideally positive reactions should outnumber negatives by around 4 to 1 and not by more than 15 to 1 (Bob Dick, 2021b)

Good levels of positive feelings and interaction results in

"...- Increased feeling of competence, confidence, and environmental mastery;

    - a greater sense of optimism, and meaning and purpose in life;

    - an increase in positive relationships and satisfaction with those relationships;

    - improved physical and cardiac health, and reduced illness symptoms; and

    - increased resilience and behavioural flexibility, or personal accountability..."

Bob Dick, 2021b


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