A Framework for Giving Feedback (in difficult and important situations)


"...in giving feedback or trying to agree on a relationship style, we omit important information. We often don't reveal our own motivation, or our assumptions about the other person's motivations. Yet these pieces of information are very important in developing and maintaining trust and effectiveness..."

Bob Dick, 2021c

The process involves invitation, message, evidence and context

- invitation (ask the other person to join in the discussion to improve relationships; be willing to challenge your own assumptions and/or evidence)

- message (give with clarity plus without blame and/or criticism and/or demand; understand the assumptions about the situation, especially your assumptions about the others' motives

- evidence (explain facts that are ideally specific, concrete and verifiable; provide without blame and/or criticism and/or demand)

- context (may provide message and evidence; include other relevant information needed to understand the situation fully).


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