Three Key Communication Skills


" communicate well requires three sets of communication skills - giving information, getting information, and managing the process. All are important, though the most important part is process skills. They support the other two. Next, listening counts for more than speaking in producing good outcomes..."

Bob Dick, 2021c

The top priority is to guide the process of interaction; followed by receiving the information that is clearly understood; followed by clearly giving the information.

Process of interaction

Initially agreed to collaborate on a process that gives outcomes, goals, etc that all are satisfied with (including good relationship outcomes); then focus on satisfying the other parties concerns; once this is done, express your own

NB If process is not working, stop. Then review the process collaboratively to improve the interaction.

Receiving information

Listen with all your senses, especially ears and eyes

Understand what is stated and what is implied by repeating back to them what you thought they stated

Tactfully and diplomatically agree to what is relevant and true; enquire further about anything else

If another party becomes upset, handle them with care, ie listen and convey your understanding

Giving information

Clearly distinguish between assumptions and facts (the former need to be labelled and identified; while the latter need to be stated clearly and specifically)

Express without blame and/or criticism and/or demand

Understand the other person's motivation

Invite a dialogue


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