Technique 1.100 Seven Questions for Liberating Yourself from Self-imposed Boundaries


These are some of the questions you may think of in different situations like

"...- How can I prove I am right?

    - How did I get stuck with these idiots?

    - Who's to blame here?

    - How can I lose? (.... And what can I do to protect myself)?..."

Jeremy Hunter, 2020

These types of questions express the view of

"...a fixed mindset that could easily become a judgmental, critical, self-orientated view of the world......according to the fixed mindset, talent, intelligence, wealth, power or love are all in-born and predetermined. You have it or you don't. If you win, I lose..."

Jeremy Hunter, 2020

In this mindset you are constantly defensive and feel under threat from fears of things like failure, challenging and upsetting your boss, etc.

"...fixed mindsets spend considerable energy defending their position, image or identity. They create narcissistic environments where attention is focused on preserving their self-image rather than producing the best possible outcome. Life becomes a tense game of survival..."

Jeremy Hunter, 2020

Thus these basically negative questions need to be reworded in a more positive approach, ie more engaging and motivating, and less defensive like

"...- What is working?

    - How do we move this forward?

    - What can we learn from this?

    - How might we support one another for success?..."

Jeremy Hunter, 2020

NB notice the change of focus from using 'I' to 'we'

"...this approach is oriented toward curiosity, engagement and connection.....talent can be fostered, compatability can be enhanced. Learning and effort trump innate talent and ego..."

Jeremy Hunter, 2020

Questions to shift your mindset

1. What questions are you asking yourself?

2. What questions motivate your organisation?

3. What are you trying to defend?

4. What would it be like if you let it go?

5. What questions could your life be expressing and have answers for?

6. What would it mean to give up surviving to thrive?

7. What would you be that you are not now?

(source: Jeremy Hunter, 2020)



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