Organisational Change Management Volume 1

Framework 4 Change Matrix

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Personal eg. move to new office building

"No big deal. I've moved lots of times."

"How can I possibly do my work in a building with bad lighting"

"If I move my desk over 3 feet and re-arrange the file cabinet, I'll be much more efficient."

"My new office is really a boost to my morale. Adding plants and pictures makes it a great place to work."





eg new boss

"Our new boss is perfect. She's not going to change a thing."

"We've been here longer. Our new boss doesn't know how our department operates. In time, she'll come around. Wait."

"May be the boss's new idea is a good one. How can we make it work here"

"Wow! This new procedure is fantastic. We really know how to do our job well!"





eg budget cuts

"R&D is critical; they'll never change our funding."

"If they think they can expect any great products out of here after this, forget it."

"Dividing into individual tasks and meeting weekly might get the project out on schedule."

'this department-based plan for meeting the product deadline is right on target. What teamwork in developing it!


eg tax law revision

"they'll never change the tax laws on real estate. The lobby is too powerful."

"this is hopeless. Forget about all real estate investments."

"Let's look and see if we can come up with any new angles."

"We're making our 3rd offer on rehab. properties for low income housing. What a great investment opportunity this is!"

(source: Lynn Fossum, 1989)

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