Technique 1.92 Personal Self-assessment (4Ls)


This personal self-assessment is based on 4 Ls, ie love, long for, loathe and learn. This is different to the annual performance review which tends to focus on teams and organisations.

This is about personal reflection

"...that helps determine how I can be the best version of myself, driving my own evolution and growth..."

Dom Price as quoted by Natasha Boddy, 2021a

Too often people are trying to enact organisational change, while not changing themselves.

This is about making plans for how to make time for things you love and longing for, while culling those you loathe.

It is best done regularly, eg at least quarterly, and the findings shared with colleagues.

Four Ls (including questions)

1. Love (what do I do that I loved? (Whatever it is, you should do more of it. Find areas you excel in and use it to create value.)

2. Long for (what do you wish you had done? For example, something that's been on your to-do list for a while, but not done; you usually have a variety of excuses as to why it's not done.)

3. Loathe (what didn't you like doing? Identify habits, rituals, etc that you continue to deploy and are no longer effective. You need to unlearn them and make way for new things.)

4. Learn (what past and present learnings can you take into the future? This is about trial and error, ie experimentation)

The exercise has resulted in

"...'unlearning' a lot of bad habits and relearning some better ones.......becoming a happier and......effective employee..."

 Dom Price as quoted by Natasha Boddy, 2021a

It is about having control over your own destiny and driving the right behaviours


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