Framework 96 Evolutionary (step by step)


As change takes time, you need to take a step by step approach, ie evolutionary


- each chosen step is worthwhile in its own right (it is contributing to the improvements at all levels, ie individuals, teams, and the organisation, and to other stakeholders in the value chain, eg suppliers, customers, etc)

- choose steps to support the larger objective, ie

"...Multiple small steps, each building on previous steps, can achieve substantial change over time..."

Bob Dick, 2021a

- use the trial and error approach at each step: like

    i) choose the desired outcome

    ii) plan how to achieve it

    iii) monitor the outcomes (intended and unintended)

    iv) if successful continue on; if unsuccessful, modify the steps and try again

- tolerable improvement (choose each step that is within the present grounds of what is culturally acceptable, ie don't challenge too much, ie

"...some changes may appropriately be near the margins of what is appropriate. Over time the culture will shift, allowing greater change..."

Bob Dick, 2021a

- work with enthusiasts (people who are willing to do things differently and looking for possible improvements)

- work with multiple initiatives (this allows more people to be involved, ie spreads the involvement)

(source: Bob Dick, 2021a -


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