Some Changing Paradigms

Globability - the world is flat, not round

Business - small fish eat the bigger ones

Demography - with time you become younger

Organisations - growth is not vertical but virtual

Product - fortune at the bottom pyramid (source: Nouzab Fareed, 2014)

People - commitment does not have time dimensions but value dimensions

- labour changes (low-skilled) over the years in USA

- in 1900, 40+% of workforce employed in agriculture; now around 2% (tractor, harvester, etc)

- in 1950s around 1/3 of Americans worked in manufacturing; now it is around 10% (assembly line, robots, etc)

- total retail workforce tripled (1940 to 2000) to be the largest source of jobs; now growing slower than general workforce, ie employing fewer people than in 1990 (digitalisation, internet, automation, etc)


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