Genders (Power in the Workplace)

In the workplace, males are usually in positions of authority and power over women. This had has led to many men abusing their positions. The classical case is Harvey Weinstein (movie mogul) who used intimidation and physical force to compel women to do sexual favours for him
"...more often his tactic of choice was intimidation; he rode the aura of power. He was also a practised manipulator, and manipulators know their audience: he played on women's fear of making scenes or standing up to men..."
Laura Kipnis, 2017

He had power over women's careers, especially in the entertainment industry, and used that to intimidate females.

Men need to see women as equals.

Gender issues

Gender barriers are more deep-rooted, ie
"...Women are often seen as dependable, less often as visionary. Women tend to be less comfortable with self-promotion - more likely to be criticised when they do grab the spotlight. Men remain threatened by assertive women. Most women are not socialised to be unapologetically competitive. Some get discouraged and dropout. And many are disproportionately penalised for stumbles......when women act forcibly...... men are more likely to react badly...... women who negotiate for promotions were...... more likely than men to be labelled intimidating, bossy or aggressive......a persuasive sense among women that they face structural disadvantages: they are less likely than men to believe they will be able to participate in meetings, receive challenging assignments or find their contribution valued......many women, accomplished as they are, don't feel the same sense of innate confidence as their male peers......The challenge for women is how to enter into the intangible but crucial circle of male camaraderie..."
Susan Chira, 2017

The situation is seen to be worse for non-white women.

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