Some Trends in Criteria for Management Selection

Over the years in senior management selection, psychometric testing has become more important, in many cases mandatory, as it gives an indication of a person's fit against the job profile. A decade ago it was more ad hoc.

Other changes since then include less focus on strategy and implementation, and more on stakeholders (especially community) and culture, ie
"...Culture is about people and leadership. People will have a track record in leadership, and encouraging people and diversity. It's about the shadow the CEO will cast..."
Guy Farrow as quoted by Julie-anne Sprague, 2017

Senior management needs to be more familiar with being agile, flexible and adaptive to handle the pace of technological change in order to successfully manoeuvre the organisation and ensure its competitiveness. This includes being digitally savvy and understanding the impacts of Internet of Things, social media, 24/7 world, etc.
Digitalisation has
"...given shareholders and stakeholders greater access to information and a platform to vocalise opinion fast, far and wide..."
Julie-anne Sprague, 2017

The success or failure of the senior executive is based on
"...their level of curiosity, agility, adaptability and courage to make decisions at increased pace......need to look for new and innovative ways to generate sources of income as opposed to driving the cost line alone..."
Gregory Roberson as quoted by Julie-anne Sprague, 2017

However some basic characteristics are still important, ie
"...You needs someone with a strong commercial nous. You need someone with strong leadership skills who is able to build and develop a good team and motivate need someone who does not have an overwhelming ego. We have seen those that do come tumbling down. You have to have self-esteem, but there are plenty of studies that conclude that successful CEOs lack confidence and that keeps them in check..."
Michael Chaney as quoted by Julie-anne Sprague, 2017

Some other skills include understanding the value of feedback and learning to appreciate criticism. Criticism
"...sharpens you up, it makes you a better leader. And it forces you to explain yourselves better and in doing that make better decisions..."
Andrew McKenzie as quoted by Matthew Stevens, 2017/18

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