Organisational Change Management Volume 1

Section 7 Some Useful Frameworks for Organisational Transitions

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NB: All frameworks, such as typologies have positives and negatives, ie

"...they simplify thinking and provide useful categories for sorting out complexities we must deal with when we confront organisational realities. They provide categories for thinking and classifying, which is useful. The weakness of culture typologies is that they oversimplify these complexities and may provide us with categories that are incorrect in terms of their relevance to what we are trying to understand. They limit our perspective by prematurely focusing on a few dimensions, they limit our ability to find complex patterns among a number of dimensions, and they do not reveal what a given group feels intensely about..."

Edgar Schein, 2004

Organisational agility = the ability to re-invent business models owing to changing customer needs, economic instability and volatile market conditions.


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