Using Pets to Handle Stress

There is some evidence that interacting with well-behaved pets reduces people's stress. This interaction generates oxytocin and in beta-endorphins, which boosts the immune system and induce other beneficial psychological and physiological outcomes. However, pets can cause stress and expense.

Pet ownership also conveys an image of trustworthiness, ie
"...People with animals......instantly become more trustworthy in the eyes of the people who are encountering a person or having a person described to them..."
Karin Brulliard, 2017

Linked with this is the popularity of animal-assisted therapy, ie in making the person with the animal appeared to be much more approachable.

Handling pets, like patting, stroking, grooming, etc, results in certain hormones being released by the handler that make he/she feel good.

Childless people find pets as a satisfying substitute for children. 


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