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Despite the rapid changes in technology (which is an enabler), most organisations are in the people business. Its number-one task revolves around growth, ie growing the staff (including their expertise), growing the stakeholders such as clients/customers, and growing the firm.

However, trust is a key element in the people business.

People's behaviours are a reflection of the culture.

Human Touch

It is claimed that empathy for customers and intuition will give humans advantages over AI, VR & AR, such as algorithms, advances in facial recognition, data mining, etc.
"...retailers who are able to put themselves in the shoes of their customers were best able to generate groundbreaking ideas that were different and would resound with customers..."
Michael McQueen as quoted by Simon Evans, 2017a

Furthermore, organisations
"...operating in more discretionary spending orientated segments......were better positioned to outsmart their online operations proven by sophisticated algorithms......companies involved in more transactional type operations had a tougher operators the point of difference and genuine empathy will thrive..."
Michael McQueen as quoted by Simon Evans, 2017a

Emotional connection to customer

Organisations need to have a
"...relentless focus on customers and to offer solutions and experiences rather than commoditised products......customers were becoming more demanding and, armed with more information on prices and products, were becoming 'mission shoppers', intent on finding the cheapest products and most convenient offers......can build an emotional connection with customers...... a focus on high involvement categories where customers are looking to buy products because they use them as part of an activity they offering customers install services and experiences in addition to merchandise, bricks and mortar retailers will be able survive and thrive..."
Peter Birtles as quoted by Sue Mitchell, 2017a

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