Radicals Share Certain Characteristics or Mindsets

"...People who become radicalised typically have a 'sense of grievance' and a belief that legitimate channels for redress are shut off, inaccessible or ineffective. There is also usually a social element, in the form of a charismatic preacher or ideology, that spurs people to seek emotional fulfilment through otherwise forbidden activities of redemption..."
Peter Neumann as quoted by Aaron Patrick, 2017

For example, climate activists have a central grievance
"...a catastrophic, existential grievance that is supported by scientific research. Based on current projections, by the end of the century, large swathes of the globe will be uninhabitable, and extreme weather will be commonplace, as will food shortages and drought. By 2050, as many as 250 million people will be climate change refugees..."
Aaron Patrick, 2017

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