An Example of the Impact of Social Media, eg online recruitment

More organisations are scrapping traditional approaches to recruitment like CVs and face-to-face interviews and replacing them with online recruitment, ie recorded video interviews on selected questions and cognitive assessments (including abstract questions). With the latter, candidates are tested on their problem-solving abilities. Algorithms which evaluate words, achievements and experience then prepare a short list. It is more objective.

The impact of this is

- staff turnover rates slashed

- influence of prestigious universities or schools reduced

- reduced management time spent on recruitment

- sped up recruitment process

- reduces the chances of CV embellishment and/or lying

- reduces risk of unconscious bias

- increases the chance of greater diversity, including educational background

Linked with online recruitment is the use of digital channels like LinkedIn which can display relevant background information.

Some organisations are using computer games to test cognitive speed and attention span.

Online recruitment is used
" identify and hire great people in a fairer, more effective way and reduce the risk of unconscious bias......your name, what school you went to are irrelevant..."
Lorraine Murphy as quoted by David Marin-Guzman, 2017a

"...traditional interviews were providing a poor indicator of a person's subsequent performance..."
Michelle Brown as quoted by David Marin-Guzman, 2017a

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