Change and Stress

Handling change can put you under extreme stress

"...wired and tired can be a constant state of being when you're under pressure to perform, or your workload is bigger than the time you have to accomplish it..."
Helen Hawkes 2017

To handle these situations, people often turn to stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, etc. These can often work in the short term but have long-term damaging impacts like alcoholism, etc.
"...if you're struggling to get out of bed as the day begins, have diminished energy, need a cup of coffee to get going, suffer from light-headedness, often associated with dizziness when you attempt to stand up after lying down..."
Helen Hawkes 2017

You need to seek professional medical help as you could be suffering from a range of medical conditions like sleep apnoea, adrenal fatigue, heart conditions, dependency on alcohol, etc.

You may need to review your diet (including reducing amount of alcohol consumed, sugar intake, processed foods, etc and increasing focus on vegetables, meats, fish and eggs plus plant food) and lifestyle (including sleep, exercise, etc).

You need to ensure that you are getting all the vital proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals and that your digestive system has sufficient acid and enzymes to break down the food you eat. There is even some evidence to support the importance of fermented foods like sauerkraut, yoghurt, etc as a basis for feeling good, ie
"... Research indicates that our emotions, mental function and the regulation of our circadian rhythms which allow us to enjoy restful sleep hinges on the germs that reside in our gut..."
Michael Elstein as quoted by Helen Hawkes, 2017

We need to reduce stress caused by the continual fight-or-flight mode we live in. This means learning how to relax by switching the nervous system into the parasympathetic mode and lower stress hormones.


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