Some statements that indicate the teams are not working

"...- we don't listen very well to each other, would rather tell each other
     - we talk behind each other's backs
     - we feel that if we haven't been consulted it wasn't a decision
     - we let our individual agendas trump the collective agenda
     - we don't assume the best of the team in ambiguous situations; on the contrary, we often tend to assume bad intent
     - we avoid difficult conversations with each other
     - we don't extend ourselves to really understanding each other's agendas
     - we don't share information
     - we create and perpetuate an incentive structure that rewards individual over collective achievement
     - we form cliques and continue to collaborate within our small circles
     - we are all out there chasing clients, staying busy, hedging against downturns and lean times
     - we compete for staff to join our particular projects..."
Robert Kegan et al, 2009


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