Technique 1.89 Overturning Immunity


This involves understanding that you need to change the way you work and/or live, ie understanding what your immunity to change is and then acting on this by informing others what you want to change. By doing this you are giving them permission to help you.


Start with your commitment; then develop first steps toward to achieving this commitment; followed by documenting significant progress on each step; finally listing your success or otherwise

For example, looking at improving delegation by starting with
"...column 1 commitment, and less specific initial steps a person plans to take toward fulfilling it. It goes on to establish the kinds of indicators that would show significant progress and, finally, for success..."
Robert Kegan et al, 2009

First Steps Forward
Significant Progress
I want to be better by increasing the number of things I delegate to people in order to have fewer things on my plate meet with my team and let them know what behaviours I am trying to change, why and how my team would notice the change in the work I do personally and their shift in workload I would be able to clearly identify each item that comes up as something I should do or, if it should be delegated, to whom it should go and how
  role-play through some examples, integrating them into what types of tasks with responsibilities should go to whom and how they'd like it to happen they would likely have two and power their people more passing on the next level of work, so they can absorb what I've given them. I believe they would feel more important and more trusted my team would become so comfortable taking on larger responsibilities that the work would start to go directly to them, releasing me from the need to delegate at all
prioritise items based on ease, importance, and ability and then start doing them my team would see my contribution towards longer-term planning increase, giving them more confidence that we have a direction and are paying attention to staying on course I would have at my fingertips the pulse of the market, our plan of attack, and our performance at a market level in real time
  review at monthly staff meetings how I did and how they did, adjust our plan as appropriate    
(source: Robert Kegan et al, 2009)
review in six months to evaluate the long-term impact on my performance and role in leadership versus our expectations    

Benefits (of going through the above process)

When captive by immunity
When released from immunity
gets from others - I'm seen as smart and a good problem solver
- someone who can perform better than others
- respected by my peers
- people appreciated being informed what was going on, ie direction and their role in it
- people appreciated being allowed to make their own decisions
- people are offering new and different ideas
- this is the more satisfying than doing the individual tasks myself
gets from oneself - avoid looking selfish, lazy, spoilt, like an overhead
- feel important and valuable by doing individual task myself
- makes me highly productive
- connects me to people
- like being a star

(source: Robert Kegan et al, 2009)
- feel important and valuable by helping others be more effective
- notice what other people are accomplishing
- new conception of productivity around helping others
- still loyal to my roots
- improved self-respect as a leader who is able to delegate both work and resources
- have a better understanding what is going on
- less directive
- hiring better talent


Looking at behaviours that work against and for your improvement goals will help to identify and understand the hidden commitments and big assumptions in real time, ie reinforcing the need to change
"...Testing our mindset through intentional action, data collecting, and interpreting data are the core means we used to mine the gap between our intentions and current ability to deliver them..."
Robert Kegan et al, 2009


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