Lack of Behavioural Self-control

Six triggers that can cause lack of behavioural self-control

i) Content (misinformation, ie suspect or know what is being said or written is not true and/or inaccurate, eg fake news, false gossip, etc)

ii) Relationship (equity or fairness, ie when somebody you know is not doing the right thing, eg abusing the system)

iii) Incompetence (when somebody is deemed as inept at doing their job, ie unable to perform their job owing to lack of expertise, etc)

iv) Identity (lack of respect, ie when somebody does not respect your point of view or background, like expertise, ethnicity, culture, religion, beliefs, etc, eg not allowing people to have time away to celebrate their ethnic or religious significant ceremonies, making a joke of someone's beliefs, etc)

v) Delivery (communications, ie the inappropriate words, body language (gestures, postures, tone, etc), etc that people use in communicating with you, ie showing a powerpoint slide stating that "sacred  cows make the best burgers" to a Hindu dominated audience!!!!)

vi) Injustice (treatment, ie when people or groups get mistreatment or alternatively are given favoured treatment that is unfair, eg people receive credit for other people's good work, etc)

"...these triggers can cause us to get angry quickly, become depressed or agitated, get involved in inappropriate situations, and feel as though our buttons are being pressed. This means we can lash out and behaved inappropriately..."

Bryan Worn 2020

Need to understand how these triggers impact you and others. Then work out strategies to handle them.

" addition to language, and tone of voice, volume and body posture can help us regain behavioural self-control. When you feel triggered, by taking a dissociated view of yourself in the moment, ie see yourself as another party would, then adopt the posture and composition of someone handling the situation well..."

Bryan Worn 2020


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