Age is not an issue as some very successful senior executives are in their 80s (2019), eg

- Warren Buffett (89) - investing guru (Berkshire Hathaway),

- Rupert Murdoch (88) - media mogul (News Ltd.),

- George Soros (89) - investing guru (Soros Fund Management),

- Charles Koch (83) - manufacturing supremo (Koch Industries)

- Gerry Harvey (80) - Australian retailer supremo (Harvey Norman), etc.

It is not just executives who are thriving in old age. Other examples include

- Barbara Walters (90) - broadcaster

- Sir David Attenborough (93) - broadcaster & conservationist

- George Burns (lived to 100) - American humorist

- Dame Judi Dench (85) - actress

- Clint Eastward (89) - actor and movie maker

As these people keep their brain active, their memories are better and their brains are degenerating slower than the average for people of similar ages.

"...They know how to strategise......rather than wasting brain time on daily mechanical tasks, they use what they have for thinking and planning......they constantly draw advantage from continuing to work, because the more brain activity they have the more they can have..."

Jill Margo, 2019

"...Rather, it's about how experience and judgement are becoming more important as reforms and regulations are making CEOs and CFOs personally more liable for mistakes of those lower down the hierarchy..."

Jill Margo, 2019

NB the average age of the US CEO is around 60

"...there is evidence that people who keep working hard are cognitively our society ages and people retire to decades of no work, they face decades of diminished brain activity....keeping the brain active maintains its capacity for activity..."

Henry Brodaty as quoted by Jill Margo, 2019

"...with age, the brain shrinks by 0.8 percent, year on year. This can be retarded with lifestyle changes such as exercise, diet, remaining socially engaged and saving hearing loss by wearing hearing aids..."

Jill Margo Bass, 2019

With ageing, fluid intelligence declines, ie speed of mental processing slows, it's harder to multitask and to remember lists of words. However, crystallised memory, storage of knowledge and judgement, is preserved. In fact, it can be better than those 20 years younger!!!!

Researchers are trying to determine the secret for a long life with undiminished mental agility. This involves looking at genetic, biological and psychosocial factors. Some of the findings show

- good memory preservation

- less inflammation

- strong social ties

- younger brains, ie 80-year-old brains look like they are from a 50-year-old

- diverse backgrounds

- live well

- strike a good balance between lifespan and health span


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