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"...entrepreneurship is just deciding what you want to work on instead of being told what to work on..."

Murray Hurps as quoted by Tony Boyd 2019

Being an entrepreneur involves much learning along the way. There are very few rights or wrongs.

"'s never been easier to be an entrepreneur, and the opportunities have never been greater. You can reach to service every customer in the world from a laptop..."
Murray Hurps as quoted by Tony Boyd 2019

Budding entrepreneurs need to be bold and need to

"...Think unconventionally about parenting and relationships. Forget work life balance and think of work life integration. Look after your physical and mental health, as entrepreneurship takes a toll on it. Think of everything as a learning experience......achieving product markets is the most important lesson in business. This means you understand the market, had identified a gap, have developed a solution that is unique, and trialled it and now people are paying for it...... don't scale until you are super-confident that you have a good product-market fit. and hire people who have done the job before - don't just hire smart, nice people who have potential - ensure they have a track record and can hit the ground running. Hire slow and fire fast is a classic but essential lesson......try not to act like an ass when you are tired, stressed and the walls are closing in. Practice being a good communicator and person even when you feel like you are deeply entrenched in the quagmire of business failure. People will follow you to the end of the world if you can act elegantly even when your guts are boiling and you can hear nothing in your head but the incessant screaming of your business problems..."

Catriona Wallace as quoted by Alexandra Cain 2019

" is important to understand as an entrepreneur that no one individual has all the answers..."

Cyan Ta'eed as quoted by Alexandra Cain 2019


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