Inner self or Inner Life

As the tech companies are commoditising our behaviour, what does that mean for us as individuals and are we losing our inner life which is an essential which is central and a crucial part of our character?

"...We are acting out our personas on social media as we catalogue minute details of our lives and have become more performative, we are no longer paying attention to allow more inward thoughts......we are becoming much more open to is not a question of education, but more about finding the right balance and having the ability to think and be more mindful of what companies are trying to do with our attention..."

Sebastien Smee as quoted by Mark Eggleton 2019

This is linked with the phenomena of attention

"... Philosophers and poets have always talked about how the power of attention goes to the very heart of which it means to be human..."

Mark Eggleton 2019

"...Love is a phenomena of attention..."

Jose Ortega y Gasset as quoted by Mark Eggleton 2019

We need to understand more the impact of what this new technology is going to do.

"...our brains are changing around the quality of content we are engaging with and we need to better understand the source of that content and what the provider's aims might be. We need to look at our digital nutrition and be the masters, not the slave. Use our brain and be mindful, meaningful and moderate..."

Joycelyn Brewer as quoted by Mark Eggleton 2019

It is felt that we are becoming more

"...shallow, and able to be pushed around, that makes us vulnerable to authoritarianism in politics and to manipulation commercially..."

Joycelyn Brewer as quoted by Mark Eggleton 2019

Some ways to handle include

- remove work e-mails from your phone

- rethink how you engage with technology at work, ie too many distractions and reaching for devices unnecessarily

- be more selective in your use of technology

NB These tech companies are profit-making and aiming to make money out of you!!!


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