Fines for Big Tech. Companies

Some misdemeanours that the giant tech companies have been found guilty of & fined


(source: John Davidson 2019)

The big question

"... Should technology companies be treated for what they say they are, or for what they actually are..."

John Davidson 2019

The tech companies (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, etc) want to be treated as software platform organisations. This is a new business model that wants to be treated differently from its traditional competitors. For example:

- Uber (argues that it is not a taxi or transport company but provides a platform to help drivers and passengers connect to each other. This would allow it to avoid regulations that usually might apply to transport and/or taxi companies)

- Amazon (argues that it's not a publisher, and should not be held to the same standards of publishers are held to. Laws such as copyright and defamation, which impact traditional publishers, are not applicable, or only in a very limited way)

- Airbnb (argues it is not a property agent but provides a software platform to help accommodation owners and guests connect to each other. It therefore hopes to avoid regulations applying to the hotel/house renting markets)

- Google (states it is not an advertising company but is an Internet search engine for users to find information, etc. Therefore it avoids regulations applicable to the advertising industry)

- Facebook (declares that it is not an advertising company but is helping people connect on the Internet, thereby avoiding regulations applicable to the advertising industry)

- Netflix (says it is not a media company but provides an on-demand streaming service, thereby avoiding regulations applicable to the media industry)


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