xiii) hurdles facing female entrepreneur

Some hurdles that work against females becoming entrepreneurs

 - traditional attitudes around the gender roles in the family and society

"...Ingrained attitude and biases, often instilled in children through subtle message..."

Jo Horgan as quoted by Sally Patten 2019

 - limited access to capital, eg in 2018 of the $ 1 b. that was invested in Australian and New Zealand start-ups

"...$30 m. went to all-female teams across just five deals, while $630 m. went to all male teamswith..."

Jo Horgan as quoted by Sally Patten 2019

 - lack of meaningful networks

Differences Between Male and Female Entrepreneurs

As technical entrepreneurs, women out perform men. One reason for this is that women are more realistic and less optimistic than men, ie man often oversell themselves.

"...We would normally scale back a guy's forecasts by 50%, and maybe we'll scale back the woman-led business by 15%..."
Jackie Vullinghs as quoted by Tony Boyd, 2021

Other reasons include more thorough approach, a better depth of understanding of the challenges, and greater empathy with customers than men.

Research by Boston Consulting Group (2018) when looking at 350 US start-ups found
"...companies founded and co-founded by women had significantly better financial returns..."
Tony Boyd, 2021

Despite this, the man raised more capital for their ventures than women, ie
"...Investments in companies founded or co-founded by women have reached US$ 935,000, which is less than half the average US$ 2.1 million invested in companies founded by male entrepreneurs......despite this disparity, start-ups founded and co-founded by women performed better over the time, generating 10% more in cumulative revenue over a five-year period: US$ 730,000 compared with US$ 662,000..."
Boston Consulting Group as quoted by Tony Boyd, 2021

Some examples of successful female tech founders and co-founders include Lucy Liu (Airwallex), Melanie Perkins (Canva), Katherine McConnell (Brighte), Flavia Tata Nardini (Fleet Space Technologies), Lucinda Hartley (Neighbourhoodlytics), Yasmin Grigaliunas (World's Biggest Garage Sale), Noelle Smit (Teamgage), Gridget Loudon (Expert360), Bana Feain (Nano-X), Ros Harvey (The Yield), Shahirah Gardner (Finch), Jemma Green (Power Ledger), Lucy Lloyd (Mentorloop), Kristy Chong (Modibodi), etc


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