Millennials versus Baby Boomers

With the changing purchasing power shift from Baby Boomers to Millennials, there is a need to better understand the Millennials, ie they have a heightened expectation of convenience, frictionless experiences. For example, the ability to return the goods purchased online were 6 times more important to millennials andwill quick delivery was 3 times more important (see table below for more detail).


(source: Luke Housego 2019)

Businesses need to develop an integrated online and in-store approach to capture the growth opportunities in e-commerce. This omni-channel approach required delivering a seamless experience across both physical and digital channels

For each generation

"...People who were teenagers at the same time tend to view the world similarly. The first impression is the baseline for normal that the rest of life filters..."

Yancey Strickler 2019

This is best seen with technology. People who grew up with smart phones see them as part of the normal environment while those born before see it differently, ie something new


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