Planned opportunism

In change you need to be very opportunistic as things will happen that are not expected. You need to be able to handle these and not get blinkered by the predetermined plans you have developed.

"...To exploit every prospect that was randomly presented rather than trying to execute our long-term grand plan......I just opportunistically capitalised on my openings as and when they materialised..."

Henry Kissinger (US elder statesman) as quoted by Christopher Joyce 2019

This can be called planned opportunism and at times there is more opportunism than planned!!!

Some examples of unexpected opportunities that have arisen since the Covid-19 pandemic started:

- many manufacturers switched to producing hand sanitiser and/or making masks

- car manufacturers making ventilators

- gin distilleries and cosmetic manufacturers making hand-sanitiser

- a manufacturer of theatre props producing home office furniture

- a window designer make protective screens for hostel, shops and offices

- accelerating to e-commerce has resulted in increased cyber crime, etc

Keys to success in any field:

"...Sample widely, gaining a breadth of experience, taking detours, experimenting relentlessly and juggling many interests..."

David Epstein (author) as quoted by Tony Boyd 2019b


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