Influence marketing (online)

Using social media, like Instagram, organisations are using people who have large social media followings to promote their brands, products, services, etc

"...Influencers now must have the ability to move the media to increase brand awareness, drive conversion, improve consideration and create unique content..."

Taryn Williams as quoted by Carrie LaFrenz 2019

"...Brands are increasingly making data driven decisions to ensure marketing is effective and this will play a large role in creating a strong partnership between brands and influencers...

Gina Lednyak as quoted by Carrie LaFrenz 2019

"...71% of consumers are more likely to make purchases based on social media reference......on average, businesses generate $6.50 per every $1 invested in influencer marketing..."

Taryn Williams as quoted by Carrie LaFrenz 2019

It has been regarded as a way to reach large audiences at a small cost. It is like word of mouth marketing on steroids!!!!

For example

"... Large companies like the A2 milk company and the rival baby formula maker Bellamy's have invested heavily in social media influencers to reach Chinese mothers..."

Carrie LaFrenz 2019

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