Four relevant food related topics

i) New foods (focus upon orphaned food crops)

"...these orphaned crops have been staples of communities across the African continent for millennia, but are now being replaced by mass-produced crops or nutritionally poor or processed products. Returning to the orphan crops can offer a range of nutritional benefits that can address some of the malnutrition problems facing the region..."

Howard-Yana Shapiro as quoted by Andrew Lowe et al)

ii) AgTech (need a positive investment framework, robust IT systems, outstanding research institutions, etc to develop new technological inventions into innovation)

iii) Food waste

"...we waste more than a third of the food we produce......improvements in rescue food supply chain and matching of providers with those in need is an area of constant dynamism that needs improvements..."

Jim Mullan as quoted by Andrew Lowe et al 2019

iv) Protein alternatives (this debate has gone beyond becoming vegan on health and environmental grounds. We need to eat less meat and substitute plant-based or other protein sources, such as insects. Issues like texture, taste (flavour), cosmetic looks, etc need to be handled with the meat substitutes.

"...However there are nutritional benefits of eating meat, particularly in developing countries and micro-nutritional benefits for people in developed countries..."

Sandro Demaio as quoted by Andrew Lowe et al, 2019

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