Extreme Behaviours

It should be noted that everyone is capable of some extreme behaviours, eg Nazi Germany's handling of ethnic minorities in WW2. Thus the first step is to acknowledge everyone is capable of extreme behaviour.

Linked with extremes in behaviour is extremes in points of view that are usually intolerance of another person's thoughts.

NB Extremes are simple and an easy option, ie give you an answer. They take away complexity and the need to think. The world we live in is not "black and white". It is complex and people don't like complexity. They want a simple and straightforward answer/solution.

Working on the assumption that people are basically good. Generally don't want to harm others, so once they realise what they're doing, they will change their behaviour.

"...The key is to get people to picture how their actions affect others. That empathy needs to work both ways......we need to put ourselves in the shoes of those who are behaving badly..."

Julia Shaw as quoted by Theo Chapman 2019

At the same time people show more empathy to those who share our points of view and belong to our tribe/group.

We need to be careful about 'dehumanising groups'

"...when we stop seeing people as human, we stop seeing them as deserving human rights, and we stop seeing them as deserving empathy and we stop seeing them as deserving of kindness..."

Julia Shaw as quoted by Theo Chapman 2019

This makes it easier to display and justify bad behaviours to others.

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