Three Major Blindspots with Bad Behaviour

It is claimed that people who continually behave badly have 3 major blind spots

i) many succeed despite, rather than because of, their bad behaviour. They incorrectly conclude that their nastiness is crucial to the success. Remember:

"...most people look for and remember facts that confirm the biases, while they simultaneously avoid and forget facts that contradict their dearly held beliefs..."

Robert Sutton, 2007

ii) people confuse tactics that help them gain power, ie nastiness, intimidation, etc and tactics that are based on leading a team or organisation, ie gaining trust and collaboration from all stakeholders

iii) delusions of effectiveness, such as victims using mechanisms that shield the jerks, etc from realizing the damage they inflict, eg only report good news and remain silent about, and even hide, bad news (shoot the messenger of bad news concept); staff learned how to survive by depending on protecting themselves from blame, humiliation and recrimination, etc rather than doing what is best for their organisation. Furthermore, jerks, etc did not realize that many people they alienate remain silent and wait for the day when they can seek revenge


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