Other Damaging Personality Types

Other personality types that can cause damage include

. Passive/aggressive (characteristics include passive resistance, covert actions, angry, controlling, undermining and manipulative behaviours, resistance, stubbornness and inertia)

. Inflexible (characteristics include rigidity, sameness and routine, neatness and attention to small detail, narrowness, inflexibility, self-righteousness, stubbornness, excessive control and blaming of others)

. Demanding (characteristics include abandonment, disillusionment, fear, rejection, payback, possessiveness and jealousy)

. Bullying (see earlier)

. Jerks (characterized by "worker incivility" or "interpersonal mistreatment" such as the snide remark; interrupt; pass off others' ideas as their own; keep secrets and withhold important information; make derogatory comments about others behind their backs; belittle others, etc)

Factors to consider when calculating the cost of bad behaviour to your organisation

. Damage to victims and witnesses

i) distraction from work tasks, such as the considerable effort devoted to avoiding unpleasant encounters; coping with them; avoiding blame

ii) reduced "psychological safety" and associated climate of fear that undermines staff performance, suggestions, creativity, risk-taking, learning from failures (yours and other people's), healthy discussions, etc

iii) loss of motivation and energy at work

iv) stress-induced psychological and physical illness

v) possible impaired mental ability

vi) prolonged bullying turns victims into jerks

vii) absenteeism (including phantom)

viii) staff turnover as a result of abusive supervisors and colleagues (including time spent looking for a new job while at work)

. Characteristics of jerks

i) victims and witnesses hesitate to help

ii) retaliation from victims and witnesses

iii) some staff cooperate with jerks and give them bad news on others

iv) failure to reach potential in the organisation

v) humiliations are the norm

vi) long term career damage


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