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It is important to nurture our neotony (childlike qualities inside us)

" and have fun and do something where you won't judge yourself and others won't judge you. That's one way to get that confidence back with creativity..."

Nicole Velik 2019

"...Creativity happens within constraints. So set aside a specific time to be creative and do not let yourself become distracted by phone calls or e-mails during this time. When we are being creative, we are using our brain in a specific way. It's hard to go back and forth from doing something creative to doing something analytical......creativity typically happens between people, not within them. When you get a bunch of really smart people in a room, they are going to come up with better ideas compared to someone sitting alone..."

Nicole Velik 2019

Need to be careful that the organisational/communication structure does not inhibit creativity. For example, many organisations are hierarchical; with many layers between the top and bottom. This can restrict the flow of ideas. Remember: often the most junior and newest people have the best ideas. Thus the need to free up communications so that ideas can flow in all directions.

Encouraging and rewarding failure is an important part of creativity. Need to regard failures as learning experiences.
Feedback needs to be fast and frequent and be based on the criteria or objectives of the program. Feedback should not be subjective.

Some ideas on encouraging creativity in the office

"... - provide an environment in which people can tap into creativity experiment and take risks
- understand that good ideas and solutions can come from anybody. Leaders don't have to have all the answers themselves
- design the workplace so that it inspires and enables people to bring creativity to their work. This may include private or collaborative workspaces, intentional conversations about creativity, flexibility and a great learning culture

- allocate resources such as time for people to work in new initiatives and offer workshops and programs focused on creativity. Innovation doesn't happen without creativity..."

Catherine Lloyd as quoted by Helen Hawkes 2019

" of 1000 older men, conducted between 1990 and 2008, researchers discovered those who were more creative tended to live longer, perhaps because by stimulating the brain, creativity kept it healthier..."

Helen Hawkes 2019

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