Be Creative (look at challenges differently)

"...people have to be creative and they also have to put aside their prejudices..."

Peter Cook as quoted by Peter Ker 2019

Some examples

i) carbon capture and storage (CCS) story.

Ways to look at CCS

- a means of prolonging the life of fossil fuel industries by investing further in sequestering carbon pollution

- a means of capturing carbon from the atmosphere to help draw down excessive carbon dioxide

Initially CCS was used to justify the coal-fired power stations. As this was unsuccessful, the focus of CCS proponents is now turned to utilising the carbon dioxide that will be emitted by producers of industries like cement, plastics and steel (even though they may source their power from renewables)

"...the world steel, cement and chemical plants produce around 30% of the world's greenhouse emissions......limestone......calcium carbonate remains the basic feedstock for...... the world's cement, huge amount of carbon dioxide will be emitted, regardless of what type of energy is used in the manufacturing process..."

Peter Ker 2019

Recent trials on capturing CO2 have suggested

"...for every tonne of carbon dioxide that could be produced out of the rock itself, we have measured about 95% capture..."

Phil Hodgson 2019 as quoted by Peter Ker 2019

Once the carbon dioxide is captured, it can be injected underground to boost oil extraction rates. Studies are continuing on this as there is some doubt about its financial viability.

In the LNG industry, the gas processing separates the carbon dioxide from the saleable methane for chilling gas into liquid form for export. Thus the need to handle carbon dioxide.

Alternatives to geo-sequestration is bio-sequestration like reforestation or revegetation.

"...geological storage is the more trustworthy (than biological storage) because you have much greater certainty and scientific veracity attached to monitoring of carbon dioxide, and where it is located in a geological storage structure..."

David Byers as quoted by Peter Ker 2019

An alternative view is expressed by the Australian Conservation Foundation

"...policy on reducing carbon pollution should not be about throwing a lifeline to coal, oil and gas. It should focus on transitioning to clean zero-pollution options......with fossil fuel to sequester air-pollution is not a good use of that public money..."

Suzanne Harter as quoted by Peter Ker 2019

An alternative to CCS is hydrogen

"...low-carbon replacement for natural gas in domestic uses like heating, it also being spruiked as a transport fuel, and even a potential substitute for coking coal and steel making. There are two primary ways to produce hydrogen. Electricity can be used to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water, and if that electricity is supplied by renewables, you have what many call "green hydrogen". The alternative method is using high-temperature steam to re-form methane; a process that creates carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide by-products..."

Peter Kerr 2019

Thus hydrogen will need CCS. Currently

" Australia it is cheaper to produce hydrogen from fossil fuels and use CCS to store carbon by-products, rather than use renewables to make hydrogen via electrolysis..."

Brad Page as quoted by Peter Ker 2019

There remains plenty of scope for more creative thought and the removal of any cognitive biases in thinking on this issue!!!!!!

ii) as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, creative uses of core competencies has occurred. Some examples,

- gin distilleries are making hand-sanitisers
- car manufacturers making ventilators
- clothes manufacturers making face masks
- cosmetic producers making hand sanitiser
- a bed-maker and a manufacturing technology firm partnering to make specialist medical beds for hospitals
- a firm that commercialises innovations is collaborating with 26 other firms to make ventilators
- a candle maker, with an old, unused bottling plant, has linked with sanitiser-maker to make hand sanitiser in the bottling plant
- chefs conducting on-line cooking classes
- manufacturer of theatre props is now producing home office furniture that is sold on-line
- window maker now making protective screens for hospitals, shops, offices, etc
- public display manufacturer now making protective screens for hospitals, shops, offices, etc
- artists and musicians performing on-line,
- restaurants' home delivery of meals and take-away,
- hotels as quarantine centres,
- convention centres as make-shift hospitals, etc



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