Some additional Comments on Innovation

- intrapreneurs (intra-corporate entrepreneurs) in large organisations need sponsors who will help intrapreneurs through the organisational barriers. Furthermore, the sponsors provide important coaching and support. Generally there is a lack of suitable sponsors in most organisations

- innovation in small groups generally works better than in large groups as the smaller groups allow for more effective development of personal relationships, thereby creating greater confidence within the people in the group and a readiness to express opinions and risk failure

- competition is important in innovation; competition inhibits complacency and status quo thinking which both work against innovative forces

It is felt that small organisations are in a better position to handle technology than larger organisations. The reason for this is the layers of management in large organisations where there are roughly 80% of people managing the 20% who do the work. Furthermore, these 20% spend considerable time managing others. This increase in overhead costs and the layers of management tends to stifle creativity. By contrast, a start-up organisation does not have these 2 impediments. Of course, the start-ups may lack resources, such as finance

Furthermore, big corporations are just

"...conglomerations of assets whose desire for short-term growth limits their capacity for innovation..."

Goran Carstedt as quoted by James Hall, 2005

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