Intelligence Tests

The first IQ tests were developed in the early 20th century and focused on evaluating short-term memory, analytical thinking and mathematical ability. They have been modified over time.

Now there are many of these tests online and students can be trained to excel at them. However we should be aiming

" identify intelligence that is intrinsic rather than taught.....testing IQ is not like measuring height. No assessment is completely objective......most tests look only at particular types of intelligence, such as mathematical and verbal reasoning......many other types of skills characteristics are missed, such as voracious curiosity or the ability to make intellectual connections......don't yet have a way to measure creative, artistic or emotional intelligence..."

Maggie Fergusson 2019

Factors like determination, ie the will to succeed, drive and resilience are important in successful people and hard to analyse.

"... Apparent a combination of some kind of potential, along with the right support and personal drive..."

Deborah Eyre as quoted by Maggie Fergusson 2019

"...neurologically, high IQ goes with increased efficiency in neural functioning..."

Sonja Falck has quoted by Maggie Fergusson

This is measurable.

Methods like fostering high expectations, encouraging complex problem-solving and developing meta-recognition (thinking about thinking) can be taught.

However, many intelligent people

"...face barriers......because they never developed interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the workplace or the wider world of social activity..."

Maggie Ferguson 2019

People with high intelligence often need encouragement to stretch their intellect.

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