xxxxi) blame fest, ie everybody blaming someone else and not being accountable or responsible themselves

It occurs when people blame someone else (usually when something goes wrong) and not being accountable or responsible themselves for what has happened.

An example of this is President Trump who is continually blaming someone else for his mistakes, like his handling the Covid-19 pandemic in the USA, and never taking responsibility himself, ie it is always someone else’s fault. In fact, many politicians and managers do the same. They feel that admitting to a mistake will have a negative impact on your credibility and career.

However, no-one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Admitting our mistakes and then treating them as a learning experience (see the wheels of learning and our mental models) is the sign of a mature person and healthy organisation.

NB An interesting conundrum is do we blame the people or the system?
"...We tend to blame poor performance on individuals......yet......evidence is that most behaviour is shaped by the system...... yet......most system change is initiated by individuals...."
Bob Dick, 2021a


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