xxxx) need to understand concept of "more is more"

More often than not a "more is more" approach is a proposed solution to challenge in change as demonstrated by

"...more analysis, more information, more documentation, more iteration of papers, more sign-offs, more meetings, more policies, more frameworks, more stuff-frequently layered on without any offsetting reduction or rationalisation..."

James Thomson 2019a

This is like putting a band-aid on a cancer sore. This approach does not eliminate the problem!

Putting 'more on more' can make the problem worse. The best solutions are usually those that create less work, not more.

Need the right balance between planning and implementation

Many organisations favour the analytical approach, like planning, that can mean a lot of talk but not enough action, ie

"...there is a privilege upfront conceptualisations - designing frameworks and policies, and generally just starting new things - over the hard and often less glamorous work of execution that is needed to see concepts through to operational reality..."

James Thomson 2019a

There is a need for both planning/conceptualisations and implementation/execution.


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