Ethnic Assimilation

"...Cultural narratives......tend to collapse unless they are supported by underlying societal trends..."

Eric Kaufmann 2019

For example Britain

"...ethnic dynamics are developing in the direction of assimilation - a reduction of difference as newcomers melt into existing ancestral memory. The English ethnic group is in the process of encompass a wide range of colours, even as English memory and identity......largely remains the same..."

Eric Kaufmann 2019

UK surveys are showing

"...mixed race population will take off late this century..."

Eric Kaufmann 2019

The reasons for this are

- almost half the people of Afro-Caribbean ethnicity form unions with white people

- nearly 80% of mixed race offspring partner with white people and other mixed race people

- projections show that 30% of the country will be mixed race by 2100, rising to nearly 75% by 2150


"...Ethnicity is fundamentally about a subjective belief in common descent. Even if they are multiple bloodlines, people may exercise their ethnic option to focus on certain lines at the expense of others........."

Eric Kaufmann 2019


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