Organisational Change Management Volume 1

A Checklist for Handling a Messy Transition

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You need to be able to answer the following questions affirmatively so that you are able to handle a messy situation:

Do you have constancy of purpose?

You are only effective if you understand, in your own way, why you are investing your efforts in the work of transition; need to stay fixed on the desired outcomes and help people remember them

Are you patient enough?

You are expecting too much if you expect the system to become perfect - today. If can become angry when it doesn't match your expectations and you undermine your own ability to contribute.

Are you too patient?

Do you border on complacency, or collusion with the status quo?

Can you muster the necessary courage?

As change agents, you must help others hold the mirror to see the warts, gaps and problems. It is sometimes difficult.

Can you keep an optimistic bias?

Change agents who don't believe that others can make significant personal progress, because they have perceived the system as too biased and corrupt, will not be able to do good work in organisations.

Are you opportunistic?

If you are opportunistic with good intentions, you are prepared to "seize the moment". As change is mostly an emergent process, you must be alert for the unplanned

Are you approaching people with compassion?

You must be compassionate enough to remember to look beyond the obvious reasons for others displaying defensive or bizarre behaviours. If people knew how to be better, they would.

(source: Linda Pierce, 1999)

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