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"...People entering the workforce today are expected to have 17 jobs in five careers over their working lives. And that's is not simply due to modern attention spans being shorter, but equally due to the changing nature of work. The rise of automation and other technologies, and the remarkable rate at which new and emerging industries are defining the modern economy..."

Jon Black 2018

Business leaders want

"...Training solutions that are consistent enough to roll out across the organisation, but flexible enough to respond to changes in commercial environment..."

Jon Black 2018

Also, global trend towards mini-qualifications

"...reduced emphasis on traditional qualifications, and a shift towards 'skill sets' designed specifically to address areas of need, and to ensure that employees are job-ready from the moment they complete their training..."

Jon Black 2018

. To fully understand another culture you need to immerse yourself in it, eg live/work in it, marry into it, etc.. In response to the question "where should I start my career", the answer according to Natalie Cope counters with "Do you want a job or a future"? If you want a job, stay in your native country; if you want a future, go overseas to regions like Asia!!!!

"...there is no substitute for in-country experience. The knowledge, learning and skills to be gained are invaluable. In-country experiences will lead to an appreciation of local business, political, ethical and regulatory environments. It helps build cultural sensitivity and understanding, and it will allow you to foster rich and meaningful relationships. Having local knowledge and long-term relationships based on trust and mutual understanding will be paramount to commercial success......many of the perceived challenges of doing business with Asia are real. The countries, cultures and markets of Asia are vastly......different and legal barriers, along with moral and ethical quandaries. No one will ever be able to prevent all mistakes and misfortune..."

Natale Cope, 2015

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