xxxv) Be careful of chasing the latest fad

(this includes re-naming or re-branding as though it is new, when it is just playing with words. Some examples

- what started as 'trial and error' (explore, test, learn and retest) was renamed 'experimentation', 'iteration', then modified as 'action research and learning', 'learning by doing', 'learning on the job, 'hands-on' and is now 'agile'.

The variation of agile is 'test and learn'
"...Try something new where there is a risk you may fail, get feedback and analyse the data, then make some minor adjustments and try again..."
Roslyn Wainwright as quoted by Joanna Mather, 2017

- 'contracting' became 'out-sourcing'

- 'short-term' and 'long-term memory' became 'fluid' and 'crystalline' memories respectively

- 'character/personality' became 'emotional intelligence' and now 'emotional health'

- HR became human capital

- "outsourcing" is a renaming of "contracting"

- "human capital" is a renaming of "human resources" (some of the earlier names include personnel management, industrial relations, etc)

- "innovation centre/hub" is a renaming of "research and development", ie R & D

- "quality control" became "total quality management", then "6 sigma" and was renamed as "lean manufacturing"

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