Technique 2.86 Agile


Agile and lean are linked via embracing the concept of the language of scrums/sprints, ie scrum events, scrum masters, sprint planning, sprint reviews, sprint retrospectives, etc. This all happens in short time period like days and weeks. With the short time period there is a focus on priorities, timely outcomes, accountability, transparency, implementation, action, etc..

With lean, there is a focus on decreasing waste; with agile a focus on increasing velocity; scrums are a framework that is useful for exploring complex challenges.

It is claimed that this approach is a new paradigm in helping to address complex adaptive problems, ie organisations are becoming problem-solving corporations, ie a questionnaire to check this

1. Are you working on the right problem?

2. Have we broken down the problem into its key components to analyse?

3. Are our priorities right in terms of short- and long-term impact?

4. Have we balanced the deliverables against burnout risks of team members?

5. Have we brought in the relevant outside perspectives and expertise?

6. Are the complex problems requiring analysis getting the right share of resources?

7. Are we effectively synthesising our findings?

8. Are we presenting our findings in a compelling narrative?

9. Is there adequate iteration between implementation and hypothesis?

(source: Charles Conn et al 2018)

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