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The diagram below explores some compulsive personality examples from adaptive to severely disordered that can appear in organisations. The "adaptive" is the best place to be and "severely disordered" is the worst place.

Severely Disordered
"I take pride in what I do" "I feel I have to work on things until I get them right" "I can't stop working on something until it is perfect, even if it already satisfies what I need it for" "because nothing is ever good enough......never finish anything"
"I believe in a work ethic" "I rarely take time for leisure or family" "it drives me crazy if something is unfinished. I have never taken a vacation" "I panic if I leave the office with something left undone. I work so late that I usually end up sleeping there?
"I like to consider my choices before I act on something" "I have to analyse all alternatives before I make up my mind" "I try to consider so many eventualities that it becomes very difficult to make a decision" "I get so lost in trying to anticipate all the possibilities and details that I put things off and never commit to anything"
Morally Scrupulous
"I like to do the right thing" "I am sometimes intolerant of people whose moral standards are less than my own" "I am disgusted by the moral laxity and indulgence I see in 99% of humanity" "I think anyone who deviates from the straight and narrow should be punished swiftly for their sin"
"I like to take my time and do things right" "sometimes I think others will disapprove of me if they find even one mistake" "I find it hard to stop working until I know others will be satisfied with the job I've done" "I check and recheck my work until I'm actually sure that no one can find a mistake in what I've done"
Emotionally Constricted
"I rarely get excited about anything" "I don't believe in expressing much emotion" "there are only a few things I enjoy, and even with those, I don't let myself go" "I have never found any use for emotion. I have never felt any enjoyment from life"

(source: Theodore Millon, 2004)

More on Personality

The main 5 dimensions of personality traits or human variability:

i) extroversion (gregariousness, social dominance, enthusiasm, reward-seeking behaviour)

ii) neuroticism (anxiety, emotional instability, depressive tendencies, negative emotions)

iii) conscientiousness (industriousness, discipline, rule-abidance, organisation)

iv) agreeableness (warmth, care for others, altruism, compassion, modesty)

v) openness (curiosity, unconventionality, imagination, receptivity to new ideas)
"...from adolescence through midlife, many people tend to become more conscientious and agreeable, and less erotic, that these changes are typically slight: the big five personality traits are fairly stable throughout a person's life..."
Dan McAdams, 2016


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