Part Of AI is AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)

This refers to computer programs that can perform intellectual tasks as well as, or even better than, humans. It can compete successfully on the multitude of artificial intelligence (AI) that are found in our phones and computers such as recognising photos, translating languages, add, subtract, play chess, etc. Add to that understanding physics papers, composing novels, devising investment strategies, making conversation, monitoring nuclear reactions, managing electricity grids and traffic flows.

" piece of software can spot patterns in an eye scan that are indicators of macular degeneration. Another program learned to play chess from scratch using similar structure to AlphaGo, becoming the greatest chess player of all time after just nine hours playing against itself. In December 2018 a program called AlphaFold proved more accurate than competitors at predicting the three-dimensional structure of proteins from a list of their composites, potentially paving the way to treat diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's..."
Hal Hodson 2019

"...Human intelligence is limited by the size of the skull that houses the brain. Its power is restricted by the puny amount of energy that the body is allowed to provide..."
Hal Hodson 2019

AGI will suffer none of these constraints: it runs on many computers with unlimited power.

" will discover new sources of energy by digesting more physics papers in a second than a human could in 1000 lifetimes...... will make problems that currently appear insoluble disappear..."
Hal Hodson 2019

Research needs to focus on understanding the brains of software, not its hardware. The brain learns by replaying experiences during sleep; this helped derive general principles

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